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Lead Electrical Engineer (Commissioning) - Abu Dhabi - Recruitment campaign in Romaina, Bucharest - September & October 2012

Tanggal Posting : 3 September 2012
Tanggal Posting: 3 September 2012

TSI are conducting a recruitment campaign for one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world inRomania, Bucharest at the end of September 2012 or the beginning of October 2012. If you are not in Romania than you must arrange for your own travel and hotel expenses if coming from other countries.
We are currently recruiting for a Lead Electrical Engineer - Commissioning to be based in Abu Dhabi, Das Island on rotational status of 35 days on Das Island and 28 days off to point of origin and you will also be paid for your time off.
You must have 10 Year's Electrical Engineering and Maintenance experience in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Industry, including at least 6 years’ Supervisory Experience.
My client will pay a net salary of $9000 -10000 USD per month depending on experience + free fully furnished accommodation on Das Island, full board meals free of charge, free laundry service, hotel accommodation provided while travelling from/to Abu Dhabi, flights, medical, local transport and visas +sports / recreational club facilities on Das Island.
If you’re interested in the above role please forward me a copy of your most recent up to date CV(Word.doc format) in which I will forward to my client for review and will revert back to you once I have feedback and also please let me know the following:
  • Availability / Notice period ?
  • Nationality ?
  • Full date of birth ?
  • Highest level of education ?
  • Current Rate/Salary (USD) ?
  • Acceptable to Net salary terms and conditions ?
  • Available to attend face to face interview in Romania, Bucharest late September / October 2012 ?
  • Please tell me your total oil and gas and petrochemical experience ?
Job Title: Lead Electrical
Engineer - Commissioning
Department:  Project 
Section:  Project Commissioning
Location:  Das Island
Job Code:
1.                  Purpose & Scope
To carry out pre-commissioning and commissioning activities of the  Trains as per setup procedures. Attend all the tests as required for approval as company representative.
Plans, directs and supervises all Electrical and Maintenance system application Advisory service functions during the Project Commissioning, Provides 3rd party comments on 'Modification' proposals.
2.         Duties Performed
Directs and supervises the activities of assigned personnel in the  Project Electrical Maintenance Commissioning team. Performs supervisory functions at the level established by Management.
Plans, directs and supervises all Electrical maintenance on the Process equipment comprising in the  Plant.  Ensures that all work is carried out efficiently and in accordance with the Company’s standards, codes and practices.
Plans & directs "Technical Support functions" for Commissioning and subsequent Electrical Maintenance.
Directs the Maintenance System Applications assistant in his duties of providing the Plant with a "Maintenance system applications Advisory service".
Ensures that "Maintenance System" is continuously updated to reflect Plant requirements.
Provides 3rd party comments on 'Modification' proposals & liaises as necessary for Project commissioning.
Ensures that spare parts and the required materials are ordered and put in the SAP system in accordance with planned maintenance schedules.  Supervises periodic reviews as required by Material Division.
Reviews the work of contractors to ensure quality of workmanship, and compliance with specifications and engineering standards. Ensures that all as built drawings and documents are provided to Maintenance Department.
Identifies training needs and consolidates the training and development plans for his subordinates (with emphasis on UAE Nationals).
Coordinates the preparation of the annual budget and controls the section’s expenditure on a continuous basis.
Supervises engineering/execution of selected major maintenance schemes.

- 2 -
Lead Electrical Engineer - Commissioning
Assures the safety of personnel and equipment through compliance with occupational safety and health regulations and maintains the attitude that all accidents are preventable.
Performs other similar or related duties as required, such as preparing reports, etc.
Participates in Project Hazop/Safety review, design audits as part of multi-disciplinary team.
Represents  in vendor acceptance tests and comments on shortfalls.
Reviews commissioning procedures and acceptance of equipment from Project contractor as client representative.
Review and comment on proposed field design changes. Provide inputs for variation requests submitted by contractor.
Make recommendations for system maintainability, reliability improvement.
Review equipment spare part recommendations and prepare interchangeability charts.
Review reliability based maintenance program for all plant equipment based on vendor inputs and own experience.
Prepare weekly/monthly progress reports.
3.         Work Contacts
            Has continuous contact with other Departmental Heads in the  Project, Plant Maintenance, Operations and Materials Divisions for general co‑ordination of maintenance work.  Outside contacts are mainly with Consultants, local and foreign contractors & equipment manufacturers for procurement of materials and various support services.
4.         Latitude
            Reports to Maintenance Commissioning Team Leader.
            Plans and devises work methods in accordance with established policies and professional standards. Work accomplishments are subject to review by Maintenance Commissioning Team Leader.
5.         Supervisory Responsibility
            Supervises: Electrical Supervisors with subordinates staff & Maintenance systems applications assistant
6.         Physical Efforts
Moderate, involving walking, standing and climbing 40% of the working time.
7.         Work Environment
     60% in A/C environment, with exposure to very disagreeable Plant conditions up to 40% of working time.
8.         Minimum Requirements
B.Sc., in Electrical Engineering or equivalent qualification in a relevant engineering discipline.
10 Year's Electrical Engineering and Maintenance experience in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Industry, including at least 6 years’ Supervisory Experience.
Very good knowledge of spoken and written English.
I look forward to your response.
Shakeel Khan
TS International
Senior Consultant
Direct line:      0044 (0) 1277 262 936
Switch Board: 0044 (0) 1277 725 180
TS International
Jubilee House
The Drive, Great Warley
Brentwood, CM13 3FR, UK
India Office
Citi Centre.
Level 6, Chennai Citi Centre.
10/11, Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai,
Chennai - 600 004.
Any views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender,
except where the sender specifically states them to be the views of the
TS International group of companies.
Please check for viruses before accessing attachments. Although we
endeavour to keep files clean, we can take no responsibility for any damage
caused by contagion.


  1. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future. Thanks for it.

    Commissioning Engineers


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