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A leading and experienced EPCC contractor providing total solutions to meet the demands of its clients in the areas of Power Generation Industry, is looking 15 to 20 people for suitable qualified employees who is rightly motivated and who seeks challenging and exciting career to fill the following positions in LIBYA and the candidates must meet the following requirements;
6 - Mechanical
Pipe Fitters that have SS welding experience. Usually the fitters will assemble and dissemble with fastened flanges, however, the collars and elbows routinely need to be reworked for site specific changes.
Millwrights that have experience in alignment of high speed rotating equipment (GT specific engine - gen) and pumps.  Guys familiar with bearing inspections and bearing work. General mechanical duties will also include people that have worked on the following: (key words are..) Intakes, filter houses, FOD screens, IGV, Inlet Plenum,  Co2  fire protection. Flushing will be a big deal.  Lube Oil, Hydraulics and Fuel systems and people that have the experience doing it with aero's will help. 
6 - Instrument Technicians
Tubing Fitters will be huge.
Guys with experience on the following gear (key words) -Field Calibration, Thermal Couples or TC's, speed pickups, vibration sensors, RTE's & RTD's (resistance temperature elements & detectors).  Those are the turbine specific instruments they need to be familiar with or will have on the CV.
The usual, transmitters, valve controls, flow meters, pressure switches, relays and such but they need to be able to shoot loops and function check the gear rapidly and efficiently.  People that have experience with aero GT's that run on both gas and liquid fuel would be a big plus as they would likely have the valve control experience we're looking for.  Fuel system is usually the big thing to nail down.
6 - Electrical Technicians
For install we would require cable pullers and ring out tech's, they're the guys installing the cable and conducting the verification of wiring. We'll need guys that can check out and test (key words)  MCC's (motor control centers) MCC Buckets, Buses, HV & MV transformers, make and verify tap settings for transformers, verify relay protection logic, plan and oversee temporary power, set up and test and integrate emergency or black start diesel, plan and oversee primary back feed. Key on 50 Hz experience for all personnel involved in testing and installation.
All qualified candidates must willing travel and assign in LIBYA. The duration is for 6 to 8 weeks and could be more than that start form Mid May 2013.
Interested and professional with proven expertise candidates are invited to fill this form and please send e-mail your Latest Resume (preferably in MS Word) giving your full personal details, educational qualification, working experience including job descriptions and please provide present and expected salary in USD, your availability date together with recent passport size photograph and indicate the position applied for to:
All applications will be held in strictest of confidence.
We apologize that only shortlisted candidate will be notified.


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